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Wear Greenpeace. Be Greenpeace

Posted by Meena Rajput - 2nd June 2017

Greenpeace is only able to protect the earth’s life-support systems because of the people who stand by us and support our campaigns. So we really care about what you think – and it’s important to find new ways to build our collective impact. Last year we asked you what was important to you and you confirmed three big things:

  • You take pride in your values and beliefs.
  • You stand tall when you’re standing up for people and planet.
  • You want to encourage others to protect our oceans; our forests and our climate.

Tackling environmental threats has become more urgent than ever. The good news is that we know how to turn these threats into solutions. We need politicians and business leaders to take responsibility, and the more people helping to amplify our campaigns the better. It’s never been more important for us all to act. It’s never been more important for us all to communicate and be the change we want to see. We know you want the power of the Greenpeace badge behind you. And, most importantly, we are all united in our mission.

That’s exactly why we’ve launched our new Greenpeace clothing shop.

We’re over the moon to bring you the Greenpeace clothing shop. For the first time in a decade, you can now get your hands on our iconic retro t-shirt designs. We’ve also commissioned artists to bring you fresh new artwork, meaning together we can support people and planet with pride. Have a dig around and you’ll find men’s and women’s t-shirts; hoodies; sweatshirts; vest tops; tote bags and kids t-shirts. Kicking off with designs from Vivienne Westwood and David Bailey, our range will evolve every three months continuing to bring you our latest campaign messages to the streets every day.

But what about the environmental impact of clothing production?

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is huge. It’s vital it changes. Thankfully, we’re working with the pioneers behind Rapanui Ltd and their organic certified print-on-demand factory Teemill. These guys aren’t working towards sustainability, their business is built on it.

Sir David Attenborough

Racking up multiple awards for their environmental credentials and transparent supply chain, Rapanui has been leading the way forward for the fashion industry. Their print-on-demand service Teemill has pushed the boundaries of sustainable fashion even further. Yes, we could all stop buying clothes altogether but we don’t see that as a practical answer.

Teemill factory
Teemill factory

We know progressive companies are part of the solution, which is why we are pleased to be working with Teemill, which embraces renewable energy, reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and operates on closed-loop manufacturing to minimise waste.

For us, Teemill’s print-on-demand offering is crucial. Products are printed seconds after they’ve been ordered, so we will never have surplus stock and there is very limited waste.

Garments are made from organic cotton, a low impact material, and are manufactured at an award-winning 100% wind-powered factory in India. They are then shipped to the UK and printed on demand at Teemill’s factory on the Isle of Wight. Here, the printing process has been certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and inks are certified by OEKO-TEX meaning they are free from harmful chemicals.

Wind powered factory, India
Wind powered factory, India

What’s more, Teemill’s supply-chain traceability maps mean we can empower people to unlock the power of change when they buy stuff.

These interactive maps allow you to trace the journey of your t-shirt from seed to shop and see exactly what you are buying.

Teemill traceability map
Teemill traceability map

At the end of your t-shirt’s life, Teemill will give you an incentive to send it back for reuse, recycling or remanufacturing. This commitment towards a more circular economy is good for people and planet.

So, join us in wearing Greenpeace with pride.

Wear Greenpeace. Be Greenpeace.

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