Protect the oceans school holiday pack

Keep your kids busy over the school holiday period with this activity pack that will teach them about protecting the oceans


Right now, we need as many ocean superheroes as possible to ensure a strong Global Ocean Treaty is agreed to at the UN next year. A strong treaty could see 30% of our oceans protected by 2030, a critical step to leaving healthy, secure oceans to future generations.

Want to keep your little ones entertained this school holiday period? With this pack you can turn them into little ocean superheroes and get them playing with stingrays and ship-ladders, colouring in and other activities that will help protect the oceans. This pack is designed for kids aged 5 to 10 years old.

Have fun getting crafty, raising your voice and helping the little ones you love become the ocean superhero our blue planet needs! You can download and print this activity pack by clicking the following link:


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