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In pictures: plastic in our rivers

Posted by Angela Glienicke - 15th March 2019

We are all aware of plastics in our oceans, the Great Pacific Garbage between Hawaii and California is well known, but plastic pollution is invading our rivers too. That’s why we are carrying out the most thorough survey of plastic in UK rivers to date — testing river water in 13 rivers nationwide and analysing the plastics found. Samples will be sent back to the University of Exeter and compared with samples from other major rivers across the UK with the results to be collated into a scientific report on the plastic load in UK rivers.

The pictures below document part of our survey, showing the investigation into the river Severn and Wye, where we were joined by Hollywood actor Bonnie Wright.

The river Severn
Hollywood film star Bonnie Wright joins scientists and campaigners to investigate plastic pollution in the river Wye. They are collecting macro and microplastic samples from three different points along the Wye using a filtering device called a manta net.
Hollywood film star Bonnie Wright during the sampling at the river Wye.
Fish and litter are photographed in the River Wye, Derbyshire.
A mute swan is photographed next to a plastic bag in the river Trent.
A brown trout swims next to a plastic bottle in the river Derwent in Derbyshire a tributary of the river Trent.
An otter is photographed next to a plastic bottle at the river Little Ouse in Norfolk.
Wildlife and plastic waste including much one-use plastic is found on the River Lea, East London.
An otter swims in the river Severn