What the cluck?!

KFC are staying silent while our forests go up in flames. We need public pressure to force KFC into making a statement. Below is a guide on how to help and what to say.


The Amazon is burning and fast food companies like KFC are staying silent.

Most people aren’t making the link between the chicken we eat in the UK with fires burning in Brazil. But there’s a direct link that everyone needs to know about. KFC’s chickens are fed a diet of soya, direct from the forests of Brazil, propping up a system that is torching the lungs of our planet.

Last year, KFC apologised when they ran out of fried chicken for days across the UK. So why no apology for what’s happening in the Amazon?

It’s time KFC stopped helping to FCK the Amazon. They need to stop buying meat and soya from Brazil until the Amazon and its people are protected.

Now it’s time for brands to stop staying silent and speak up. If enough of us put pressure on KFC, it could move them to act.

You can help get KFC to respond. Here’s a few suggestions for things to write on KFC’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Before you do just make sure you’re heading to the right page. KFC’s UK Facebook is here. Their UK Instagram is here and their UK Twitter account is here.

Here are some things you could say…

  • KFC Please stop sourcing goods from Brazil until President Bolsonaro can guarantee that the Amazon and its people will be protected
  • Why are you so quiet while the Amazon is still on fire? Brazil’s forests are being destroyed for soya and meat and you must take a stand!
  • Hey KFC the growth of fast food is driving deforestation in the Amazon and across Brazil. We need you to take a stand against forest destruction!
  • Hey KFC why are you shipping chicken from Brazil when the Amazon is burning?
  • Hey KFC, The President of Brazil is torching the Amazon to turn it into a giant meat and soya farm. Stand up for the Amazon and its people!

One last thing, we also need to call on McDonald’s and Burger King to speak out against forest destruction too. Can you help pressure them to act?

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