Random House announces 'ancient forest friendly' policy

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Random House, one of the biggest publishing houses in the UK has gone public with a commitment towards making its book production 'ancient forest friendly'. This is a major step in helping to ensure the survival of the world's last ancient forests.

Stop Esso campaign history

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Stop Esso campaign logo

Stop Esso campaign logo

The UK Stop Esso campaign was launched in May 2001 by coalition members Greenpeace, People and Planet and Friends of the Earth.

Bianca Jagger unveiled a "Boycott Esso" mobile billboard at the campaign launch. The Body Shop, Annie Lennox, Ralph Fiennes, Jerome Flynn, Damien Hirst, Keith Allen and several politicians signed up to the boycott.

On the first Stop Esso Day, in villages, towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, over 3000 people peacefully and legally campaigned at Esso petrol stations.

Stop Esso Day II saw Julia Sawalha and Alan Davies join the protests at Esso petrol stations.

These were the largest non-violent direct actions against global warming ever seen in the UK.

May 2002 also marked the launch of Stop ExxonMobil, a US campaign aimed at Esso's parent company. Over the following months, Stop Esso spread around the globe.

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