August in pictures

Posted by jossc — 31 August 2007 at 12:15pm - Comments

08 August - India. Water is sprinkled on activists chained and arm locked to blockade the gates of the Surya Light bulb manufacturing unit in Kashipur. The Surya factory produces energy wasting incandescent bulbs.

This may still be the 'silly season' as far as our national press are concerned, but that hasn't prevented a lot of good work being achieved by Greenpeace campaigners around the globe.

Blockading incandescent light bulb manufacturing plants in India; halting a coal shipment to Canada's largest power station; protesting against the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Brazil; lobbying the Thai government to prevent them lifting a ban on GM crop field trials - these are just some of the practical steps we've been taking to help bring about the cleaner, greener world we all want to see.

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