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Our beautiful oceans are home to a staggering 80% of life on Earth. But destructive fishing, pollution and climate change are damaging them on a scale unimaginable to most people. Species are being driven towards extinction because of overfishing and habitat destruction. We are campaigning for marine reserves, and for an end to unsustainable fishing.

Campaign updates

Fishing for plankton is ridiculous.

In the ocean, plankton is food. There are two types of plankton – tiny plants (phytoplankton) and tiny animals (zooplankton). Zooplankton includes some eggs...
Posted by Willie - 1 June, 2016 - 16:04
Greenpeace activists confront supply vessel Explorer II

Taking 400,000 people on a trip to the Indian Ocean

If John West’s owner Thai Union doesn’t start protecting the oceans and those who work on them, we’ll continue to shut down their supply chains, explains Tom...
Posted by Tom Lowe - 1 June, 2016 - 14:18

Three ways you can tell Sainsbury's to drop John West!

We’ve sent thousands of emails, hundreds of tweets and inundated their Customer Service phone line with calls - but Sainsbury’s still won’t speak out against...
Posted by alice.hunter - 31 May, 2016 - 16:11

Behind The Lens

Photographer, Will Rose, joined Greenpeace activists on an expedition to the Indian Ocean to remove dozens of destructive Fish Aggregating Devices. These FADs...
Posted by MeenaRajput - 31 May, 2016 - 13:44
Sperm whales beached on the Dutch Island of Texel, Jan 2016

Are noisy oceans to blame for beached whales?

Noise is the most invisible of all the man-made threats to the ocean, but to whales who ‘see’ by hearing, they simply cannot escape it. Water is an excellent...
Posted by Fiona Nicholls - 23 May, 2016 - 11:36

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