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Our beautiful oceans are home to a staggering 80% of life on Earth. But destructive fishing, pollution and climate change are damaging them on a scale unimaginable to most people. Species are being driven towards extinction because of overfishing and habitat destruction. We are campaigning for marine reserves, and for an end to unsustainable fishing.

Campaign updates

Whale Fail – no new sanctuary in the South Atlantic (again).

Bad news from the 2016 International Whaling Commission meeting – as the first significant vote was another disappointment for whales and supporters of...
Posted by Willie - 25 October, 2016 - 09:51

10 good reasons to protect whales

Killing whales for food has been happening for millennia. But it was commercial whaling – turning whales into barrels of oil for profit – that led to the...
Posted by Willie - 21 October, 2016 - 12:42

Why is everyone talking about whale poo?

Whales are special. No, not for any stereotypical hippy la-la reasons, this is *science*! Healthy oceans need lots of healthy whale populations: they keep...
Posted by Willie - 20 October, 2016 - 15:55

A brief history of whales and commercial whaling

Commercial whaling devastated the world’s biggest whale species, pushing some of them to the very brink of extinction in the early to mid 20th Century. Whaling...
Posted by Willie - 20 October, 2016 - 14:58

International Whaling Commission meeting 2016 – what to expect.

Delegations from global governments, and representatives from NGOs are currently on their way to Slovenia for the biennial meeting of the International Whaling...
Posted by Willie - 20 October, 2016 - 13:59

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