Marine reserves

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Our oceans cover most of our planet, but have been undervalued and over-exploited for too long. Greenpeace campaigns for large-scale networks of marine reserves, 'ocean sanctuaries' off limits to destructive human impacts. As well as protecting special places and amazing species, these will give our worlds' seas breathing space to recover, and help rebuild fisheries too.

Campaign updates

Bottom trawling - strip-mining the seas

Greenpeace calls for global marine reserves on World Oceans DayAs the kick-off to the football world cup approaches, how's this for a key pre-match...
Posted by darren - 7 June, 2006 - 10:57

EU pushes cod towards extinction

We've slammed the European Union's new fishing quotas, which will push cod closer to extinction in British waters. Under pressure from Tony Blair's...
Posted by darren - 22 December, 2004 - 23:27

Marine reserves: Royal Commission report calls for action

A new report by the influential Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) has backed our call for a network of large-scale marine reserves -...
Posted by darren - 7 December, 2004 - 14:57

Defending the North Sea

The North Sea is in crisis after years of human activity - it is now among the most degraded seas in the world. Overfishing has caused fish stocks to collapse...
Posted by darren - 10 August, 2004 - 11:12

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