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Plutonium ships a 'dangerous precedent'

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International protest against nuclear transports from Europe to Japan is mounting as two armed ships laden with weapons-usable plutonium rounded the Cape of Good Hope. The ships are en route from British Nuclear Fuels' Sellafield plant in the UK and a similar plant in France. From South Africa, they are believed to be headed for Australia, New Zealand and finally Japan.

Commercial whaling: status report

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The 1999 Norwegian whaling season has now ended whilst the Japanese hunt in Antarctic waters is still due to take place during the cusp of the Millennium. Greenpeace's Richard Page describes the current situation with the only two countries flouting international agreement to end commercial whaling.

GM animal feeds: Greenpeace explains next step in campaign against GM foods

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Solution - go organic

In the wake of Marks and Spencer's announcement that it is to start removing genetically modified soya and maize from animal feed, Greenpeace's food specialist Stokely Webster explains the significance of this latest development.

Greenpeace expedition finds new evidence of climate change impacts in the Arctic

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The Arctic Sunrise

A three week Greenpeace scientific expedition in July to the retreating Arctic ice pack has uncovered new evidence that climate change appears to be impacting on the wildlife and ecology of the region, particularly walrus young. Matthew Spencer Head of the Climate Campaign reports:

Amazonian plywood and veneer linked to illegal logging

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Amazon under threat

Results of a Greenpeace investigation into the extent of illegal logging in the Amazon have been handed to the Amazonas authorities in Brazil. The report indicates that timber products exported to the UK and elsewhere may be illegal. Greenpeace's John Sauven gives the details.

The true cost of food

Posted by admin — 28 August 1999 at 8:00am - Comments

The True Cost Of Food

A new report into  'The True Cost of Food', released by Greenpeace and the Soil Association,  calls for a ban on GM and  a phase-out of industrialised farming. The report looks at the real cost of industrialised farming in terms of human health, animal welfare, and the environment and exposes this vision of agriculture as fundamentally flawed. It claims that current Government policy embraces irresponsible short-term priorities, missing out on the huge commercial potential of modern organic farming.

The first Greenpeace True Food supermarket tour took place in Liverpool at Tesco Metro

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Starting at 10am, Greenpeace members conducted a series of public information tours around Tesco, one of the many supermarkets in the UK that stocks products containing GM ingredients.

'We'll be showing people in Liverpool that they are able to buy good, wholesome organic food and that they can avoid buying into this GM experiment. This will send a clear message to our supermarkets that we want GM food off the shelves and banned from the city. Don't buy it, go organic,' said local Greenpeace campaigner, Pete Mulhall.


After a break of 69 years the isolated Scottish islands of St Kilda have a new parliament

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The remote volcanic islands had an active parliament, called the M&Otilded, for hundreds of years until its population was evacuated in 1931. Every morning the men of the island would gather in the cobbled street of the main island to decide on their work for the day and to exchange gossip about the latest visitors to the island. Work would have to be postponed until the following day if, as frequently happened, discussions continued into the afternoon without resolution.



Stop the lot

Posted by bex — 10 August 1999 at 8:00am - Comments
No new oil - Greenpeace fights to stop climate change

No new oil - Greenpeace fights to stop climate change

An end to new oil explorations

Posted by admin — 10 August 1999 at 8:00am - Comments

Climate change dictates that we cannot meet our energy needs by tapping new supplies of fossil fuels. We need to phase out the use of oil, coal and gas and make a switch to clean renewable energy.

If we are to prevent dangerous levels of climate change we cannot afford to burn more than one-quarter of the global oil reserves. The search for new oil reserves is not just illogical, it is insane. Any new oil found would simply add to the stockpile of oil we can never safely use.

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