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The Yungas and Great Chaco American forests

Posted by admin — 8 November 2004 at 9:00am - Comments

Greenpeace activists dressed as 'jaguars' use chains to immobilise the bulldozers that have been destroying Yungas forest

Rich in biodiversity and home to rare species such as jaguars, which are on the brink of extinction in the region, these forests are being destroyed at one of the fastest rates in the world.

The rate of this destruction has accelerated since 1996 when Monsanto introduced genetically engineered soya beans into Argentina. Since then, the country has extended its agricultural frontiers to grow genetically engineered soya for export as animal feed particularly to the European Union and China, at the expense of its threatened forests, wildlife and the home and livelihoods of many forest dwelling people, including indigenous people.

Canadian book publishers set to go ancient forest friendly

Posted by admin — 3 November 2004 at 9:00am - Comments

FSC paper

When the Markets Initiative started, Canada's publishing houses were largely sourcing virgin wood pulp from Canadian forests, with a high percentage from ancient forests. No publishers were consistently printing on recycled paper, no printers stocked ancient forest friendly (recycled/FSC certified) papers, and no such paper was being produced as a standard book sheet.

MQP commits to go 'ancient forest friendly' over next 3 years

Posted by admin — 25 October 2004 at 8:00am - Comments

UK book publisher MQ Publications, have adopted an 'ancient forest friendly' procurement policy that commits the company to move all its books onto recycled and/or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper over the next three years. This follows our collaboration with them as part of the Greenpeace Book Campaign.

Greenpeace film in line for prestigious film festival award

Posted by admin — 27 September 2004 at 8:00am - Comments

The Ancient Forests is a short film commissioned by Greenpeace, directed by Julien Temple and narrated by Ewan McGregor and Sir David Attenborough. In 2003 it appeared in selected cinemas and was also on general release accompanying 'About a Boy'.

National Lottery funds rainforest destruction

Posted by admin — 6 September 2004 at 8:00am - Comments

Letting Glasgow know what's going on inside Kelvingrove

Work on the National Lottery funded refurbishment of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, the most visited museum in the UK outside London, was halted today by almost 100 Greenpeace activists from the Forest Crime Unit exposing the use of rainforest timber in the project.

National Lottery funds rainforest destruction

Posted by admin — 5 September 2004 at 8:00am - Comments
An activist with some FSC timber at Kelvingrove, Glasgow where illegal timber is being used in rennovations

At 7.30am, on September 6th, almost 100 activists from Greenpeace's Forest Crime Unit halted construction at the National Lottery funded refurbishment of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, the most visited museum in the UK outside London.

The volunteers removed packs of timber, which is being used for new flooring, and replaced it with timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), guaranteed to be come from environmentally and socially responsible sources. At the same time, four Greenpeace climbers scaled the front of the museum before dropping a banner reading 'The National Lottery: Funding Rainforest Destruction'.

Partners in crime

Posted by admin — 27 May 2004 at 8:00am - Comments

Timber at Tilbury Docks

Responsibility lies with the major markets, such as the UK. The UK is the largest EU importer of Indonesian plywood.

UK companies peddle illegal goods Travis Perkins and Jewson both purchase large quantities of Indonesian plywood. They are trading in products they know come from illegal and destructive logging of rainforests.

Ancient forest destruction video

Posted by jamie — 28 February 2004 at 9:00am - Comments

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your home torn down around you and destroyed? It's a horrible thought, but that's exactly what is happening in forests around the world. With an area of forest the size of a football pitch being destroyed every two seconds, endangered species such as gorillas, orang utans and chimpanzees are at risk of extinction within our lifetimes.

Amazonian plywood and veneer linked to illegal logging

Posted by admin — 1 September 1999 at 8:00am - Comments

Amazon under threat

Results of a Greenpeace investigation into the extent of illegal logging in the Amazon have been handed to the Amazonas authorities in Brazil. The report indicates that timber products exported to the UK and elsewhere may be illegal. Greenpeace's John Sauven gives the details.

The UK is the fastest growing market for wood products

Posted by admin — 10 August 1999 at 8:00am - Comments

Major DIY stores, supermarkets, and trade retailers are committed to the FSC standard which is supported by Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other environmental groups.

As an active consumer you should:

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