Arctic in London with amazing 3D projection ft. Jason Mraz and Ezra Miller

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Last Saturday, the Arctic arrived in the UK. The I ♥ Arctic global day of action saw more than 10,000 of us around the world, in more than 280 cities, come together in a declaration of love for the Arctic. The day culminated in a massive effort from amazing volunteers and donated equipment, in the production of the biggest Arctic landscape the streets of London have ever seen - testament to the collective creativity of passionate people.

Many thanks to all the performers, volunteer stewards and all who helped out in one way or another to make this such an amazing event, you all rock ;)
-Greenpeace production chief Paul Earnshaw

At more than 25 events across the UK, volunteers helped raise awareness of the threats to the Arctic, talking to members of the public, taking photographs and making giant human banners that spelt out “I ♥ Arctic”. Meanwhile, thousands of volunteers, all around the world, speaking with one voice to send a clear message to politicians: the Arctic belongs to everyone.
It takes a global movement to stop the biggest companies in the work from destroying the Arctic for profit. And this production was only made possible thanks to the passion and dedication of the people who make our movement what it is.
Help the movement grow - add you support to the global call to save the Arctic

I ♥ Arctic - A Global Day of Action - 20th April 2013
Filmed at Friends House, the office of Quakers in Britain, Euston Road, London.

Curated and Edited by Immersive Ltd
Creative work donated in full by Immersive Ltd
Project & Production Management by Immersive Ltd

Sound Design:

Mark Owens
Adam Janota Bzowski
Zak Norman

Voice Over:

Ezra Miller


'Length & Brecht' written by Halogen (Adam Janota Bzowski)
‘ I Won’t Give Up’ - Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz dba Goo Eyed Music (ASCAP) and
Michael Natter dba Great Hooks Music administered by Silva Tone Music
Courtesy of Atlantic Records.


Jordan Foster (Immersive)
Chris Stoneman (Immersive)
Matt King (Immersive)
Tom Wall (Immersive)
Bruno Costarelli (Immersive)

Sipos Mihály (University of West London)
Daero Ra (Ravensbourne)
Peter Thiedeke (Ravensbourne)
Clive Shaw (Middlesex University)
Daniel Wiedemann (Middlesex University)
Alexander Andrew Boyce (Middlesex University)
Sunghwoa Gong (Ravensbourne)

Technical Crew:

Dave Whiteoak
Nick Whiteoak
Joe Dunkley
Martin Harvey
Philip Mayer
Bjorn Parry

Lighting, Audio and Powe:

Firefly Solar


Laura Baldo


Filmed and edited by Kin Studios
Directed and edited by: Mikél Leyva
Produced by Mikél Leyva & Marco Casadei.
Camera crew: Peter Emery, Marco Casadei, Katerina Marka and Ralph Lambert.

 Greenpeace production

Paul Earnshaw

10,000 people at 280 cities, that's an average of 37 people at each event. Why bother.


10,000 Greenpeace volunteers - and I was one of them. In London we spoke to hundreds of people and got them engaged in the campaign. x280 cities = well worth the bother! :)

We bother because we know that our time, effort and passion for the planet can make a difference.  In Bristol we spoke to hundreds of people, 207 signed our petition to Save The Arctic - they join the 2.9 million people from around the world who support the cause.  I bother because doing nothing is not an option.

So promoting awareness of the disappearing Arctic by using loads of elecrtically powered computers and highly ineffecient projectors. Genius. How much power was used and how much of the Acrtic did this promotion melt?

tenkai in answer to
your question it's a risk return calculation.

Lets say this project
used 1,600 KWh of electricity to create and run (probably an over
estimation, but handy when you see that.....). A barrel of oil
generates 1628.2 kWh (1). So it seems we used a barrel of oil (or
rather it's equivalent as Greenpeace does it's best to source it's
energy from renewable sources, but for the sake of simplicity lets
stick with oil).

In Oil alone (ignoring
the 1,670 Trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas) the Arctic represents
90 Billion Barrels of Oil (2).

So I guess the short
answer to your question is about 1/90,000,000,000 th of the Arctic.

As to why this makes
sense to do lets say there are 1000 such events across the world as
part of this campaign (there will be many more, but most will use a
lot less energy than the already big estimate above) and lets say the
campaign has about a 1 in 20 chance of success (I would say it's more
likely to succeed than that but I guess from your comment your a
pessimist so I've gone with a lower number):

We've spent 1000
barrels of oil for a 1 in 20 chance of saving 90,000,000,000. Not
bad. I wish I could get a 90 million times return from a 1 in 20
chance at the bookies :o)




Note I didn't spend a
massive amount of time researching these numbers so they may be out by a bit,
but I expect the order of magnitude is right at least.

Arctic in London with amazing 3D projection ft. It takes a global movement to stop the biggest companies in the work
from destroying the Arctic for profit.


I couldn't agree with you more.  Surely there was an equally efficient but more environmentally friendly way of getting the message across.  Again its just pure hypocrisy to use this type of technology and resource when this is exactly the kind of thing we should be trying to eradicate.

We need to roll back to a pre-industrial society and a much simpler way of life, not waste time with huge 3D projection extravaganzas.

This is just awesome.Its creativity using a perfect strategy!!Really great work by the team!!

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