That was 2011: we couldn't have done it without you

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The winter solstice is as good a time as any to look back over the last 11-and-a-bit months that were 2011. And what a year it's been, not just for us here in the office but for all our supporters and volunteers who've kept our campaigns going.

From the incredible success of our tinned tuna campaign and challenging Cairn Energy in the Arctic and in its Edinburgh office, to persuading more companies to drop their contracts with Asia Pulp and Paper and the hundreds of thousands of Jedi challenging VW's stance on climate laws, we've certainly packed it in. Some of the highlights feature in the video above.

None of it would have been possible without the help of our supporters. If you sent an email to Princes or John West, stood on the street collecting signatures to send to VW, or donated towards the construction of the new Rainbow Warrior, you've been part of an amazing year. Thank you!

But what's been the highlight of 2011 for you? Let me know in the comments below.

My first big action!! And standing on the deck of the amazing new Warrior in London. Ready and waiting for 2012...

How bout getting off your lazy ass and send a ship down to the Southern Ocean

Rainbow Warrior? How does the warrior bit fit in with the ethos of Greenpeace as in Greeen*peace*? Oxymoron, no? Where is the example/s of this ship being a warrior?

I agree with Casey above. WHY Don't you get off your asses, stop making stupid oregamy whales and go and do something contructive in the Southern Ocean? We want you down there. You do something and i'll start to donate to Green Peace. Until then, i won't waste my hard earned money.

Bless you little trolls - this is the UK Greenpeace site so we're unlikely to be in the Southern Ocean, but here's a list of the offices around the world so you can get in touch and help out in the Southern Ocean -



Sea Shepherd have just boarded the Shonun Maru number 2. Go gettum SSCS!

i agree "imforthewhales" im with you on this! So frustrating that these organisations DON'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE. Go fight for the Whales and Dolphins in Taiji, Faroes & Southern Ocean.

Great work Greenpeace, not only for making some big changes but also making people aware of things that go on behind the scenes around the world. Keep up the good work.. All the best in progressing in 2012.

Thank you everyone at Greenpeace for working so hard to help the animals, planet and people toward a better existence. Your bravery is a positive example of what can be achieved by putting words into constructive action. Cairn Energy is one of my favourites because we reminded them who actually decides what happens to the planet and the seas.

Here's to 2012 being a fantasic year and more for everyone who has the courage to allow it to be

I think that you do a great job but, until you tackle the world's biggest problem - OVERPOPULATION then all your achievements will ultimately be in vain as the planet is overwhelmed by mankind.

Soon there will be no tuna to catch, no oil for which to drill and animals such as the tiger, the polar bear, the orangutan and many others will be museum exhibits.

I think Greenpeace has done a fantastic job this past year. Let's keep it up, folks!

I sympathise with Gazzer (above) and on my dark days can feel such despair; but one of the things that I love with a passion about Greepeace is that you give hope by your actions and your achievements and through your supporters.

Rock on!

With love.

Keep up the good work, without you guys the world would be a worse place. Indeed why not send a boat to the south seas, have a fund raising to raise funds for another boat. Then those lazy asses in the southern hemisphere can get off them and start raising money for one for down there. 

May 2012 be as successfull as 2011.

And a huge thank you to all of you who took part in direct action on behalf of a better, more compassionate future at a great risk to your own lives and liberty.  I applaud and admire you for your commitment and courage.

And I will keep doing what I can in my own small way, because every little bit helps to bring about big changes.

Good luck with all your endevours.  XXXX

getting my grandaughter interested with the visit to Rainbow Warrior3


Viva le planète!

Dear Casey Wittmier ... if you can't see why the ship is called Rainbow Warrior ... well seems to me that you need to go back to basic thinking.  Are you really on the right page here?

Thanks to all those supporting Greenpeace and those on the front lines, I love you all;  just wish I could be up there with you.

Regret being unable to travel to see the Rainbow Warrior but want to tell you how much I admire what  you lot are doing for the planet. It gives me great hope for the human race! Keep up the good work through 2012.  It is going to be a year of transformation!!


Remember -"All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do NOTHING" -Edmund Burke. Let's be unduly thankful that we have the WARRIORS of Greenpeace who are DOING SOMETHING TO SAVE OUR PLANET.  There at the beginning and will support to the end.

Well done Greenpeace. I'm old and grey and think there is little future for the planet, but I still believe in the good that you do and only wish that I could support you in more 'physical' ways. Keep up the excellent work.

Yes, well done Greenpeace, you did good. Proud to be a part of it.

What an amazing list of positive achievements, achieved by so few against such strong opposition. Well done Greenpeace may 2012 see further progress. Proud to be a member and support your actions

Thank you at Greenpeace for your existence, the actions for  the members are the  fantastic sinergy for a clean future. Bye from Wu Ita.  

Thank you Greenpeace for taking the time to say thank you.  

To take the time to reflect and see what has been achieved - and to celebrate.

Some are cynical of the power of individuals uniting in one cause, using non-violent methods.  

I feel I am lucky to have been born into a time where each one of us can make a difference -thoughtfully, non-violently - about what we care about - and see results.  

It's good to know that other people care about the same issues - to not feel isolated and alone.

Good video as well.

WELL DONE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE OF US involved along the way.

All steps in the right direction, campaigning for those who have no voice in this human dominated culture.  

All the positive best, always and all ways - to everyone around the world.

A kiss to everyone of you.

Zee X

Just so that folks out there don't think Greenpeace is only supported by young idealists.  OG

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